Education Management & Consulting

About us
We have been serving the Education Sector as an advisor since 2002. Our explicit mission is to be the leading strategy consultant to the education industry. To ensure that our expertise extends across public sector, non-profit education providers, foundations, private companies and other sectors, we invest significantly in dedicated management and team resources. The services lays emphasis in assisting the organizations in setting up an institute with world class education standards while keeping the roots of Indian Culture firmly as the foundation.
Once the core idea is developed, we help in site finalization, design and construction of the campus, classroom and other facility’s layout and make sure that the structure meets the domestic as well as international standards.
Concept Planning and Feasibility
Through our professional expertise and experience, we aid in formulating a successful concept for the institute after a thorough feasibility check.

Ed Tech
Technology can be an enable if used in the right way. Our work focus on helping institutions develop capabilities and skill set to be able to use technology – both as a tool and as a learning aid.